Foundation of the Society

Mrs Lois Jarvis wrote to the ‘Glasgow Herald’ suggesting that the centenary of Sir Walter Scott’s death in 1832 might be celebrated by planting the newly laid out Anniesland/Knightswood Boulevard with trees. Seven original members met in a drawing room in Claremont Terrace in 1933 in order to establish the Society, with the aim of promoting beauty in the city by the planting and preservation of trees, flowering plants and shrubs, where appropriate. By autumn 1933 the Society had over 300 members.

GTLS Chronological History

April 1932: Correspondence in ‘Glasgow Herald’ drew together people who wanted to make Glasgow more beautiful. They collaborated with the Civic Society as their Tree Planting Committee. Planted along the Anniesland Boulevard, at Knightswood Hospital, Elderpark Children’s clinic, Richard Street Clinic (Anderston), Camphill Avenue – chestnuts and limes.

Autumn 1933: That Committee formed the GTLS. Planting at housing schemes, churches and Institutions, small open spaces and business premises. Also window boxes and bulbs. Collaboration with the Corporation (Council). >300 members.

February, 1935: Exhibition in the Maclellan Galleries. Centrepiece photographs by Mr. St. Barbe Baker, founder of ‘Men of the Trees’, who gave two lectures. Exhibitors from many cities and societies throughout Britain. 500 members.

1935: Planting on Glasgow – Edinburgh Road to commemorate The King’s Jubilee.

1937 – 38: So much planting had been carried out throughout the city the Committee declared much of the Society’s income had to be spent on upkeep. Planting for the Empire Exhibition in Bellahouston Park.

1938 – 39: Discussions with other societies and Lord Provost re a “Green Belt”. Set of pruning instruments given to the Society by Sir John Stirling Maxwell. 850 members.

1941 – 42: Removal of railings for the war effort created problems for tree protection.

1943 – 44: Continued planting. Collaboration with other interested associations, including Town & Country Planning, Girl Guides and Youth Leaders’ Training. Requests for help and advice from throughout Britain. More talks organised.

1944 – 45: Pressure put on Hydro boards to screen power stations and pipelines with trees and shrubs. Debate as to whether the prefix ‘Glasgow’ be deleted from the Society’s name as the Society was excluded from national deliberations about war memorials, national parks and social services, despite the national nature of its interests.

1945 – 46: Representation made to the New Towns’ Committee. Complaints about River Kelvin pollution. Society’s gardener active in garden and tree maintenance. Luss rhododendrons planted throughout the city. Nursery garden area lent to the Society behind the University Reading Room. Talks given by members at various locations. Interest in trees as war memorials.

1947 – 48: Society recognised as a Charity. New clause added to the Constitution proving (sic) the educational value of its work. Requests from other British industrial areas for reports on tree planting in cities. Exhibits provided for the exhibitions “Youth and Recreation” in the Kelvin Hall and “Enterprise Scotland” in Edinburgh.

1948 – 49: Institution of a Tree Planting Day, planned for March 1950 for Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Also consultation with the Royal Scottish Forestry Society to extend such a day to the whole of Scotland. Removal of trees along the Boulevard to make room for trams.

1949 – 50: City wide school tree planting week ceremonies (18 schools in all). Tree planting week resulted from a joint committee of GTLS, Education & Parks Depts and the Field Studies Assoc. Opening of the Queen Margaret Garden.

1950 – 51: Society fast becoming a national society. Tree Planting week extended to Renfrewshire (6 schools), Lanarkshire (9 schools), Kirkcudbrightshire (6 schools) and Perthshire (1 school).

1951 – 52: In addition to above, plantings took place in Stirlingshire and Aberdeenshire.

1952 -53: 56 coronation plaques, designed for the Society, distributed throughout the city. Grants received from the civic society and from the corporation. 40,000 leaflets calling on corporation tenants to commemorate the Coronation by planting trees and window boxes. Considerable coronation planting.

1954 -55: Loss of the Queen Margaret Garden, which had been established on the site of a bombed tenement, owing to rebuilding. Pruning leaflets circulated to architects, nurseries and interested parties. 6 illustrated talks on woodlands given to science teachers and senior pupils.

1955 -56: Honorary Secretary, Evelyn Mackenzie Anderson, awarded the St. Mungo Prize. She was nominated by 19 societies. Ongoing work in connection with tree planting or preservation on Cumbernauld Road, Jordanhill woods, Camphill bluebell woods, Garscube Estate, Ross Hall grounds and other sites as well as anti-litter campaigns, David Dale’s memorial, civic society meetings and control of advertisements, all loom large in the society’s activities. Ground for a toddlers’ playground was bought in Surrey Street, Gorbals and the playground subsequently developed and officially opened.

1956 – 57: Local committees formed to re-vitalise neglected schemes. Junior Tree Lovers’ Society formed. Jordanhill woods saved.

1957 – 58: 25th. Pruning leaflet circulated to all members.

1958 – 59: Consolidation. Organisations who ask for advice and gifts of trees must undertake their own maintenance. Younger, more professional people coming on to the committee. Participation in the “Trees in Towns” exhibition in Glasgow. Printing of leaflet, ‘How to Lead a Children’s Garden Company’.

1959 – 60: Death of Mrs Evelyn Mackenzie Anderson, 10/3/60. No schools’ tree planting week. National Civic Trust award of £250 was won by the Christchurch scheme in Bridgeton, organised by Geoffrey Jarvis.

1960 – 61: The Castlemilk tree planting scheme extended to Easterhouse, 8 schools, 210 trees. Map showing the distribution of the Society’s schemes placed on view near the entrance to the People’s Palace. Prizes given for bulb planting to the Glasgow Old People’s Clubs.

1961 – 62: St. Teresa’s Church, Possilpark scheme. 6.92 acres, largest single scheme carried out by the Society. Some schemes discontinued. Compensation sought for the Gorbals Toddlers’ playground.

1962 – 63: Bulletins issued in addition to the annual report. Society represented at official enquiries into tree felling and building at various locations.

1963 – 64: The only active amenity society in Glasgow. In Hutchesontown, between Ballater Street and Rutherglen Road, trees planted in the memorial garden to the late hon. Secretary. Too few active contributors for the work undertaken. Gorbals Adventure Playground set up, end of August, 64.

1964 – 65: 17/10/64 – bronze plaque to EMA unveiled near the Memorial Walk by her friend, Vice-President Mrs Wishart. Plaque designed by Geoffrey Jarvis. Police pipe band present. Conference on horticulture arranged at Woodburn House Gardening School.

1965 – 66: Many gardens, started by GTLS, being taken over by the Parks Department. GTLS active in supporting the setting up of an adventure playground in Easterhouse and a meeting ‘Landscape and Recreation in Glasgow’ attended by some 500 people.

1966 – 67: Newsletters have replaced the bulletins which ceased in 1963. Revised Constitution adopted. Scented Garden laid out in the grounds of the St. Vincent School for the Deaf and Blind at Tollcross. In a corner of it were placed plaques commemorating the work of two founder members, Mrs. L. Jarvis and Mrs. I. Lindsay.

1967 – 68: As new buildings are laid out with landscaped areas fewer opportunities arise for planting. More advice and support being given. January hurricane resulted in shortage of skilled tree surgeons.

1968 – 69: Opening of Provand’s Lordship garden.

1969 – 70: Commemorative Trees & Seats scheme launched. Pilot tree survey in Kelvinside/Kelvindale.

1970 – 1971: Planting & Pruning leaflet sent to several local authorities in Scotland and England. Also available from the Information Bureau in George Square. Death of Prof. Walton. Representation on Community Forum and Glasgow Buildings Guardian Committee.

1971 – 1972: Glasgow-wide private tree survey started in Kelvinside and Pollokshields. Old Burial Ground, Gorbals, 3 x Sorbus americana + granite slab – Lily Alexander memorial. Death of Dr. Honeyman. Certificates of Merit awarded, idea of John Johnson, ex-Lord Provost.

1972 – 1973: Plant a Tree in ’73. Incorporation of the Glasgow Civic Society with GTLS. End of commemorative tree plantings. 8 tree maps of Pollokshields handed to Parks Department. Strathbungo and West End in progress.

1973 – 1974: Arthur Oldham, President, awarded the St Mungo Prize. Dedication of Memorial Garden in Kelvin Way to Dr. T J Honeyman. Tree identification course at botanics to help with the tree survey.

1974 – 1975: Strathbungo tree survey filed at Parks and Botanics.

1975 – 1976: Tree survey – 24 schools visited and issued with maps. Geography and biology departments at GU and Strathclyde willing to participate.

1976 – 1977: Collaboration with Job Creation, Facelift Glasgow and New Glasgow Society. April ’77 – 12 specimen trees planted at Calderpark Zoo commemorating ’73 award of St Mungo Prize to SAJO. Estate (£8000) of Robert Love, architect, donated. Society’s records (including photos and films) placed in SRC archives.

1977 – 1978: Jubilee Year plantings. June ’77 – Lady Curran planted a tree at Strathclyde U. to commemorate award of the St. Mungo prize to her husband. Further £15,000 from RL’s estate. Records of GTLS placed within Strathclyde Regional Archives.

1979 – 1980: GDC holds a tree bank on behalf of the Society. Amount spent on tree planting this year amounted to £800. New corporate membership introduced.

1981 – 1982: Tree packs made available to schools.

1982 – 1983: Civic Reception, May, 1983 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Jubilee Wood planted at the Burrell (50 trees for 50 years), with memorial stone. Booklet published for the Jubilee.

1983 – 1984: A portable exhibit made by Cardonald College Art & Design Dept. Thanksgiving Service in Wellington Church.

1984 – 1985: 2nd Jubilee Wood planted at Fernhill, 2/3/84, during National Tree Week. Planting of London planes at Buchanan St Bus Station by Lord Provost & dignitaries.

1985 – 1986: Plantings, awards made, lectures given by council members, outings as usual.

1986 – 1987: Plans to refurbish city woodlands and walkways.

1987 – 1988: Chairman’s chain of office obtained. Agreed to sponsor planting of tree avenue on Glasgow Garden Festival site, £5000.

1988 – 1989: New corporate membership. Figure of eight maple planting for the Garden Festival. Display and stall at Bellahouston Park Glasgow show and Pollok Open day.

1989 – 1990: Plantings, awards, lectures, outings and display and stall. Council depleted.

1990 – 1991: Ex-festival trees (c. 60) planted in many places. Involved with ‘Glasgow Evergreen’ – schools’ bulb competition. Duchess of Gloucester planted a Chinese alder in the arboretum of GBG, council members present. National Tree Week, 1990, 1000 birches given to the public in George Sq.

1991 – 1992: 30/11/92 – Norway maples at McLennan Arch with Blackfriars Primary. Rowan trees distributed in George Sq for National Tree Week

1993 – 1994: continued representation at annual Glasgow Show and Pollok Open Day. Involvement with Glasgow City Tree Warden scheme.

1995 – 1996: ‘Beechgrove Banter’. Financial problems come to light.

1997 – 1998: Problems resolved. Stalls at Pollok and Maxwell Parks. Contribution to Civic Trust for their Miller St premises.

2002 – 2003: Substantial bequest from Robert Amory Wilson.

2006 – 2007: Sponsored Glasgow Parks Environmental Education Pack. Bi-annual ‘Tree Cuttings’ newsletter launched.

Over the Years: Association with APRS, RSFS, WVS, Girl Guides, GCC, Town & Country Planning Association, National Playing Fields Association, Men of the Trees (now the International Tree Foundation), Field Studies Association, Scout Movement, Boys’ Brigade, West of Scotland Agricultural College, University of Glasgow, Churches, Schools, Headmasters’ Association, NTS, Forestry Commission, Hydro-electric Board, Nature Conservancy, Scottish Tourist Board

Memorial seats.

New schemes of annual planting.

Care and maintenance of schemes of former years, especially Stair garden, Queen Margaret a) memorial garden, b) woodland garden, Great Western Road, Banks of the Clyde, especially Carlton Place

Advice given on preservation of woodlands and individual trees, pruning

Window boxes and bulb planting

Talks given

Consultation with organisations throughout Britain regarding tree preservation, especially with regard to woodlands

Social activities

GTLS History – Plantings, Office Bearers and Visits

As a result of correspondence in the ‘Glasgow Herald’ in 1932, about the cutting down of an avenue of beautiful old trees in University Avenue by the city authorities, seven original members met in a drawing room in Claremont Terrace in 1933 in order to start a Society the first aim of which was to promote beauty in the city by the planting and preservation of trees, and flowering plants and shrubs where appropriate. Along roadsides and river banks, in open spaces, school, church, factory and institution grounds and on neglected and derelict ground particularly in the poorer areas of the city trees were planted.

Mrs. Lois Jarvis wrote to the ‘Glasgow Herald’ suggesting that the centenary of Sir Walter Scott’s death in 1832 might be celebrated by planting the newly laid out Anniesland/Knightswood Boulevard with trees. The Society’s first big work, the planting of the central verge of the Knightswood Boulevard, led to the planting by Glasgow Corporation, within the city boundary, of the Glasgow/Edinburgh road verges. Lanarkshire and West Lothian soon followed suit and in the 1950’s the Scottish Tourist Board used its influence to have the A8 planted up by county authorities with help from other societies. Early on the committee organised in the MacLellan Galleries a ‘Tree’ exhibition, of which the highlights were the beautiful tree photographs of Richard St. Barbe Baker who gave two illustrated lectures.

Schemes. Tree planting and bulb planting.

1936: Lourdes Primary

Oct. 1973: Cedrus atlantica glauca in Victoria Park arboretum in appreciation of the work of Mrs I. Gillies as Hon. Secretary.

1973: 2 gardens at Gartnavel Royal, 5 Norway maples in Buchanan St pedestrian precinct re incorporation of the Civic Soc.

1974: 4 Sorbus discolor in Minerva Street (St. Vincent Cresc.), 2 weeping cherries and 2 rowans at McNiven House (Gartnavel), 3 Betula papyrifera east of GU reading room, Sorbus magnifica, 2 crimson maples and 6 birches at Priesthill Parish Church, Spanish gorse and Berberis undercover at Oakfield Av.

1975: 12 sycamores, flowering ash, purple & golden willows, Chinese rowan, pink & purple apples, Amelanchier canadensisCotoneasterAcer drummondii, weeping cherries at Belvidere Hospital; rowan, red Acer & bird cherry at Baptist Union, Aytoun Rd.; 2 double white cherries at Adelaide Baptist Church, Bath St.; 2 scarlet thorns in back court, Otago St.

1976: Trees & shrubs from Crarae planted in collaboration with ‘Job Creation’ between Stobhill Hospital and Littlehill GC.
Silver birches (Betula pendula) planted in St. Vincent Crescent.

1977: 12 specimen trees at Calderpark Zoo, 20 trees at St. Andrew’s Secondary, 25 silver birches and 2 weeping birches at Gartnavel Royal

1978: Japanese cherry at Govan Parish Church, 6 silver birches in St. Vincent Crescent, 6 feathered birches at St. Columba of Iona, Maryhill

1979: ‘Trees’ at Lochwood Parish Church, KDN Society, Pollokshields, Whitlawburn Primary, Southern General (200 year old Beech Hanging Tree replaced), Christian Centrer, Bishopbriggs, South Shawlands Church, Grange Secondary, Westwoodhill Church, Mure Memorial Church, Garrowhill.
6 more silver birches to complete St. Vincent Crescent planting.

1980: ‘Trees’ at Allan Glen’s, Greenbank Gardens, Loch School, Rutherglen Children’s Playgrounds

1981: Birches outside Mitchell Library and in North St. Whitebeam at Renfield Church Centre; 1000 beech at Calderpark Zoo; ‘trees’ at Shiloh Hall, Hillpark School, Milton School, Minerva St/Argyll St, £1000 for Jubilee (50) wood at Burrell.

1982: Laburnums at Southern General; 2 oaks at Hereford Memorial; ‘trees’ at Fernhill Place, Castlemilk, Abbeyfield House, Rutherglen, Upper Garrioch, Mearnskirk Hospital, Lynedoch Terrace, Hillington Parish, South Shawlands Church, Partickhill Church, Scottish Studios, High St.

1983: Jubilee Wood (50 trees) at Burrell; ‘trees’ at St Bride’s Church, Hyndland, Possil City Farm, Broomlee School, St. Philomena’s School, Renfrew St, Provand’s Lordship, Provan Hall.

1984: 2nd Jubilee Wood at Fernhill replanted (1st was drought affected); 39 London planes at Buchanan St Bus Station on Renfrew St; 15 conifers at Rutherglen Guide HQ; oak for Wellington Church centenary.

1985: 6 limes in Westbourne Gardens; 40 ‘trees’ for Hutchesons School playing fields; ‘trees’ for Lochinch pavilion, Pollok; Lilybank Gardens, North Hanover St, Bishoploch; Commemoration tree for 60th anniversary of Electrical Association for Women in Pollok Park.

1986: ‘Planting’ in GU grounds for jubilee of Saltire Soc; ‘trees’ for St Paul’s Church, Provanmill.

1987: ‘Heritage Week’ Sorbus on Clydeside Walkway, opp St Andrews Cathedral; 2 tulip trees, memorials for A C Gilchrist, at Hutcheson’s playing fields, Thornliebank; Wellington Church memorial tree replaced; trees for patio at Renfield Centre.

1988: 100 ‘trees’ to Govan High School.

1989: ‘plantings’ at Dirleton Court, Shawlands, Roys Garden, Cartvale St, Ancaster East, Abbeyfield, Rutherglen, Westbourne Gardens, Bearsden Acad and new arboretum area at GBG.

1990: Alnus spp. planted in arboretum of GBG; nature trail at OL primary, Cardonald; 100 silver birch ‘whips’ to Sandyhill GC and also to King’s Park Sec; 2 birches to 118 Novar Dr.

1992: 2 ‘royal red’ Norway maples at the McLellan Arch; 200 Leylandii at Adult Training Centre, Kirkintilloch with BBC’s Beechgrove Garden; ‘trees’ planted at Blackfriars Primary; flowering cherries at Marie Curie Hospital, Huntershill, Pruning, spring bulbs – indoor & outdoor.

1996: 5 limes at Margaret Blackwood Housing, St Vincent St.

2006: specimen rowan at Kittoch Farmhouse. Advice and Talks given.
Bulbs planted at White Cart river Greenspace.

2007: Daffodils planted at Castleton Primary, Castlemilk.

2011: 6 silver birches (Betula pendula) planted in St. Vincent Crescent to replace lost specimens.
Prunus ‘Accolade’ planted in memorial garden of St. Fillan’s Primary, Cathcart.
In memory of Geoffrey Jarvis (previous vice- president, son of founder) in GBG: box elder, sweet chestnut, Italian alder, Dove tree & sweet gum.

2012: Common oak (Quercus robur), 2 smooth Japanese maples (Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’) planted to mark the centenary of 131st Glasgow Scout Troop, of which Robert Amory Wilson (benefactor) was a member.

2013: Bulbs, shrubs and trees planted in Blythswood Square garden.

2014: Bulbs planted by Southside Housing Association, plants for Friends of the Beatson, silver birches in Old Station Park, Hyndland.

2015: Commonwealth Compass in Dassie Green (McPhun’s Park), part of Glasgow Green – 4 Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), 3 Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris var. scotica), 3 Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis), 3 Deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara), 3 Nootka cypress (Xanthcyparis nootkatensis).

2016: Halfway Community Park – 39 silver birch (B. pendula), 4 flowering cherries (Prunus avium).
2 memorial sessile oak at Glasgow University – one for Dr. Peter Macpherson (Glasgow Natural History Society), one for Charles Kennedy MP, twice rector of the University.
Beatson courtyards – include Japanese maple, Himalayan birch, Tibetan cherry.

People. Hon Presidents, Presidents, Chairmen, Hon Secretaries.

Hon Presidents:

1933 – 1945, Sir George Pirie

1946 – 1955, Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Bart.

1956 – ….., Sir Ivar Colquhoun of Luss

also, 1987 – ….., Arthur Oldham

2009 – ….., Walter Gilmour

2012 – ….., Mrs Margaret Rogen

2016 – ….., Mrs Jean Miller,

2012 -2022, Maggie Brough


1933 – 1966, Professor John Walton

1966 – 1970, Dr. T J Honeyman

1971 – 1984, Arthur Oldham

1985 – 1989, Keith Fraser

1990 – 2009, Walter Gilmour

President & Chairman:

2009 – 2012, Mrs Margaret Rogen

2012 – 2016 Mrs Jean Miller

2016 – ….., Mr Stephen Docherty


1933 – 1938, Mrs. Lindsay

1939 – 1947, Mrs. Jarvis

1947 – 1949, William Aikman

1949 – 1950, T R Innes

1951 – 1962, Matthew Lindsay (founded indoor bulb distribution and Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Committee)

1962 – 1969, Geoffrey Jarvis

1969 – 1973, John Johnston

1973 – 1974, W. Marshall Hutcheson

1974 – 1975, Charles J Crossan

1975 – 1979, Mrs Morag Davidson

1979 – 1987, A C Gilchrist

1987 – ….., Mrs Sheila Honeyman

1995 – 2008, Mrs Margaret Rogen

Hon Secretaries:

1933 – 1960, Mrs. Evelyn Mackenzie Anderson

1961 – 1972, Mrs Isabelle Gillies

1972 – 1973, Mrs R D Reading

1974 – 1980, Mrs Margaret Rogen

1980 – 1995, Mrs McSkimming

1995 – 2012, Mrs Jean Miller

2012 – 2022, Ms Maggie Brough


Certificates of Merit (1971) – landscaping of industrial sites

Liaison with other societies:

Arboricultural Association, Association for the Preservation of Rural Scotland, Civic Trust, Scottish Civic Trust, Council for Nature, Glasgow Buildings Guardian Committee, National Trust for Scotland, New Glasgow Society, Royal Scottish Forestry Society, Scottish Field Studies Association, Town & Country Planning Association, Scottish Woodland Owners’ Association, Glasgow Playgrounds’ Association, Glasgow Old Peoples’ Welfare Committee (1970 report)

Membership Outings:

September, 1967, Kelburn Castle.

June 1971, city parks and GTLS plantings & gardens

April 1973, city park plantings

June 1973, Pollok House, RBGE

Oct. 1974, Hillhouse, Helensburgh

Oct. 1975, Blairquhan

June, 1976, Perthshire – Battleby House and Branklyn Garden

Oct. 1976, Stirling University

June, 1977, Crarae

Oct. 1977, Woodburn House

1978, Kelburn, Largs

Oct. 1978, Culcreuch, Fintry

June, 1980, Auchincruive

June, 1981, Culzean

June, 1982, Bus and ferry trip to Wemyss Bay, Rothesay, Bute, Kyles of Bute, Cowal, Benmore Gardens, Dunoon.

June, 1983, Burns Country, including Barganny Estate, Girvan.

June, 1984, Stirling University, Keir Gardens, Dunblane Cathedral.

June, 1985, RBGE

June, 1986, Dunblane and Crieff.

August, 1986, Stoke on Trent Garden Festival.

June, 1987, Strathclyde Park, Chatelherault, New Lanark, Biggar.

June, 1988, Falkland Palace and Hill of Tarvit.

Sept, 1988, Glasgow Parks to visit Society’s plantings.

June, 1989, Benmore, Ferry at Colintraive to Bute, Rothesay.

June, 1990, Barguillean Garden, Taynuilt, Oban.

Aug, 1990, Gateshead Garden Festival.

June, 1991, Branklyn Gardens, Perth, House of Dun, Montrose.

June, 1992, Logan Botanic Gardens.

June, 1993, Bell’s Cherrybank Gardens, Scone Palace.

June, 1994, Arduaine Gardens.

June, 1995, Dawyck Botanic Gardens.

June, 1996, RBGE and Hopetoun House Gardens.

June, 1997, Glamis Castle.

July, 2006, Kelvingrove Park.

May, 2007, Pollok Woodland Garden.

June, 2007, East Ayrshire Weekend: Blairquhan Arboretum, Kilkerran Estate, Auchalton Meadows, Ayr Gorge Woodlands.

June, 2007, Bellahouston Park.

May, 2008, Rosshall Woodland.

June, 2008, Lothians’ weekend: Inveresk garden, Prestonhall Estate, Carberry, Tower grounds, Dalkeith Country Park, Ormiston Yew.

June, 2008, Glasgow Green.

May, 2009, Tollcross Park

June, 2009, Rannoch weekend: Black Wood, Allean Forest, Plant Collectors’ Garden, Pitlochry.

June, 2009, Dawsholm Park

May, 2010, Gargunnock Estate with Edinburgh NHS

May, 2010, Queen’s Park

June, 2010, Ayrshire weekend: Dumfries House & Estate, Barony Colliery, River Ayr at Stair, Hannahston Community Woodland

June, 2010, Springburn Park

May, 2011, Alexandra Park

June, 2011, Kingdom of Fife Weekend: Heatherhall Woods, Hill of Tarvit, Balmerino Abbey, St Andrews (including Botanic Garden), Cockcairnie sweet chestnut

June, 2011, Victoria Park

May, 2012, Auchinlea Park & Provan Hall

June, 2012, Glen Affric Weekend: Dog Falls, Coire Loch, Am Meallan Viewpoint, Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhain, Plodda Falls, Giusachan House

June, 2012, King’s Park

May, 2013, Hogganfield Park

June, 2013, Tweed Valley Forest Park Weekend: Traquair, Fairnilee, Glenkinnon Nature Reserve, Glentress Forest, Abbotsford, Kailzie Garden.
Maxwell Park.

May 2014, Linn Park

June 2014, Sunart weekend: Strontian Community Woodland, Loch Sunart hide, Strontian river salmon hatchery, Ariundle National Nature Reserve, Strontian Glen & lead mines, Glen Hurich, Loch Shiel south end, Loch Doilet

July 2014, Elder Park

May 2015, Kelvingrove Park east of River Kelvin

June 2015, Galloway weekend: Newton Stewart, Doonhill Woodland, Buchan oakwood (Loch Trool, Bruce’s Stone), Caldons, montane plant demonstration garden, Wood of Cree, Barclye local provenance trees, Kirroughtree Forest, Glen of the Bar, Clatteringshaws Reservoir

July 2015, Garscadden Burn Park

May 2016, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

June 2016, Trossachs weekend: Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park; Lochan Spling, Glen Gyle, Stronachlachar, the Garrison, Inversnaid, Loch Arklet, Duke’s Pass Lodge Visitor Centre, Loch Katrine by steamship, Glen Finglas, Brig O’ Turk

July 2016, Kelvingrove Park east of the River Kelvin

2017: “Ancient Oaks in the English Landscape”, Aljos Farjon, RBG Kew.

2018: Pollok CP north & west. East Lothian weekend. Ruchill Park.

2019: Newlands Park. Dunkeld/Murthly weekend. Knightswood Park.

2021: Edzell, Angus weekend. Maryhill Park.

2022: Pollok CP east. Robroyston CP. Muirshiel CP.